The word insimul is Latin and can be translated to mean “together” which reflects both the integrated nature of the data solutions
Insimul Ltd. aspire to deliver, as well as our preferred approach of bringing the teams with the right skills together to deliver excellence.

Why embark on your data journey without a guide?  We've been there before, we've already solved many challenges and we know how to avoid many of the difficulties you'll encounter.

At Insimul Ltd. we look forward to realizing these aspirations together.

Together we’ll…

Support your Capital Projects and Maintenance, Reliability
    and Operations teams

 Navigate your transition to more efficient management
    of information

Reduce process safety risks by managing your technical
    documentation, engineering data and models

Unlock the potential of your information assets

Specifically we offer experience to…

Develop timely requirements specifications for your
    document and data management

 Promote and refine understanding of your IM Strategy
  and Roadmap to your stakeholders
Establish and manage supply-chain processes for effective equipment information capture Evolve your class library and prepare for data-centric IM delivery

Align your capital project delivery with Corporate and
    Maintenace, Reliability and Operations requirements

Prepare for and manage Progressive Handover (Turnover)
    to Operations

Manage or provide oversight of third-party IM service
    providers e.g. EPCs

Deliver continuous improvement of IM processes and systems

Establish contract KPIs and manage delivery performance
    through specific metrics

Help to interpret and apply standards such as ISO 15926
  ISO 14224, PAS-55 and the BIM PAS 1192-2/3, etc.

  • At Insimul Ltd. we have the
        passion and talent for solving
        complex organizational delivery
        challenges. We excel in leading
        information & data management
        project and service delivery roles
        for asset intensive industries.
  • ►  Our experience has equipped us
        with a wide range of transferable
        skills and knowledge that
        enables us to design and deliver
        highly effective information and
        data management services that
        draw on good/best practices
        from multiple industry sectors.

  • We enjoy working with
        companies that recognise the
        business potential of effectively
        managing their enterprise assets

        and require an experienced and
        enthusiastic team of
        professionals to help realise that
  • Together we will optimize your
        People, Processes, Technology
        and Data 
    to ensure that your
        information assets perform

Insimul Ltd. - data together...

Insimul Ltd. exists with the express intent of improving the value available to companies by making better use of their information.  It is our firm belief that the value of a companies physical assets cannot be fully realized without recognising and investing in the specification, acquisition, storage, retrieval, distribution, maintenance and ultimately, destruction of the associated information (documentation and data).

Insimul's founder, Grant Hartwright, has dedicated nearly 30 years of his career developing, deploying and sharing engineering, IT and business process improvement services.  His experience has been acquired while working for national and international blue-chip organisations ranging in scope, scale and complexity from less than 100 to over 100,000 employees.

This diverse expertise is now available to all companies, national or international, large or small, for profit or not-for-profit, with highly complex or clearly structured organisational hierarchies and business processes.

The only prerequisite is a company's desire to improve their return on investment in digital information and realize its latent value.

At Insimul Ltd. we're looking forward to engaging in your digital asset management data journey... together!

We welcome your enquiry.

Please state your interest in Insimul Ltd. and we'll contact you as soon as possible to better understand how we might service your information and data management needs together.
Insimul Ltd. data together...

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Grant Hartwright
Company Owner